Recovering Flare Gas to Reduce Environmental Impact

Costain provided Total UK with a solution which enabled the off gas from the refinery flare systems to be recovered and routed to the LPG recovery unit.

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Improved environmental performance

by reducing plant emmissions

Reduction in natural gas imports

by recovering flare gas for use as a fuel

The modifications to the existing site to accommodate the rerouting of the flare gas included:

  • Process tie-in selection
  • 2 stage dry screw compression with water injection
  • Interstage KO vessels and VSD driven air coolers
  • Replacement of flare seal vessels
  • Level instruments and control valves
  • Siemens control and safety systems PLC

Costain designed the process modifications to the refinery and was awarded the EPC contract. As part of the construction, additional tie-ins were made to accommodate future flare gas recovery. 

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