Cryogenic Production of Nitrogen in Yemen

Costain was contracted to develop a design concept for a high purity Nitrogen plant to be located on an LNG terminal in Yemen.

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Advisory and Concept Development
Specialist Design
Technology Integration


High purity nitrogen production

for use as purge and product loading for the LNG terminal

2000 kg/h nitrogen gas generation capacity

using cryogenic air separation

Costain developed a solution involving the use of two trains of cryogenic air separation units. Each package comprises six main modules:

  • Refrigeration unit
  • Adsorber valve skid
  • Cold box
  • Expansion turbine
  • Two liquid nitrogen storage vessels
  • Ambient liquid nitrogen vaporiser

The Costain Consultancy team’s design resulted in a high availability process, which utilises storage in order to provide flexibility to respond to the operation of the LNG terminal. Costain provided the specific capability to achieve the client’s stringent turndown needs.

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