Option evaluation to support select gate decision

Our expert team selected the optimum concept combining our expertise with the project’s business drivers.

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Advisory and concept development

Costain was contracted to evaluate all potential field development options for the Lancaster reservoir (basement oil), select the optimum option and provide a full SELECT gate decision support package.

Costain provided a full concept development team to the client, working through our SELECT process in full alignment with Hurricane’s business drivers. Our process delivered: 

  • Early key decisions to clarify and drive the SELECT process.
  • Flow assurance to production chemistry understanding to establish viable options.
  • All potential options and short listing against the SoR, objectives and business drivers.
  • Technical definition of all short listed options and development of comparative costs utilising Que$tor.
  • Full field economics of all short listed development options.
  • Preparation of the development option recommendation for review and approval at a multidiscipline workshop.
  • A full decision support package to define the selected option, including a draft development plan and budget.

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