Project Management

Our project management capability is equally important to the define phase as it is to the execute phase.

We ensure all project control deliverables and contracts are in place at project sanction to ensure successful project execution. By managing risk, maintaining focus on business drivers, objectives and defined strategies, we work efficiently and effectively to deliver the sanctioned expectations.

Our capability includes:

  • FPU/FSO Contracting and Market Studies
  • Undertaking FEED and developing Specifications
  • Management of competitive funded FEED studies
  • Undertaking Due Diligence and Market Assessments
  • Conversion Engineering and Acquisition Assistance
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Duty Holder and Operations Selection
  • Tender Preparation and Management
  • Permits and Consents Management
  • Sanction Support Packages
  • Class and Verification Management
  • Conversion and Build Management
  • Mooring Analysis and Selection
  • Mooring System Installation management
  • Tow Operation Management
  • Commissioning Start-up Management