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Service management

Charlotte Webb

Charlotte is an experienced service delivery leader who works with our clients to transform their businesses through the use of leading-edge digital technologies. That includes developing the tools, systems and processes that reduce costs, drive innovation, optimise performance and accelerate time to market. She has experience of implementing and managing industry-leading initiatives, including ISO certifications and ITIL frameworks, and of creating and managing staff training programmes to ensure the standards set out in our service level agreements are met.

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Service management

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About Charlotte

Charlotte looks after our operational service offering, that is, the service desk, service management and infrastructure functions. One of her most important roles is engaging with clients. The relationships she develops with people span years, or even decades. She says the secret to maintaining them over that extended period of time is really getting to know them, and always looking for ways to improve and build on the relationship.

Charlotte’s views on the difference the service management profession makes

Charlotte and her team provide service management for Transport for London’s (TfL’s) CCTV system, which gives the transport authority visibility of the city’s streets and tunnels and enables it to manage the flow of people and traffic more effectively. Importantly, Charlotte says the system has also played a key role in helping emergency services respond quickly during major incidents.

The potential of technology to save lives also extends to Highways England’s remote maintenance service, that Charlotte also manages. The system makes it easier to maintain roadside infrastructure, which means there are fewer people working near our busy motorways and A-roads. “What we do does make a big difference to people’s lives,” she says.


What other aspects of her role stand out?

Charlotte planned and delivered a business management system in line with industry standard, ISO 9001 . This enabled the company to transition from a small business into a medium size business. Increase revenue is the byproduct of ISO9001. It directly helps the business to develop as a sustainable Quality Management System that results in better financial performance According to Charlotte, “This was my first career highlight and I’m still proud of the hard work that went into it achieving it.”


Choosing service management as a career

So would she recommend the profession to others? Charlotte says no two days are the same, and that makes it an attractive career for people who want to take on new challenges. But it’s important to work for a company that’s culture enables everyone to be at their best.


And finally, what does the future hold?

Giving customers more control and better access to operations, so they can build their own experiences in real time.
“I’m looking for opportunities to broaden my skills and experience, and that of my team’s, because that’s how we’ll ensure we continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients,” Charlotte says.

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