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Process technology

Dave Richardson

Having worked in the energy sector for over 35 years and as a chartered project specialist, Dave is passionate about accelerating the transition to a decarbonised energy market and, recognising Costain’s significant track record across the full life cycle in carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and hydrogen, is driving core components of the company’s climate change action plan and initiating the deployment of deep decarbonisation.

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Project director

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Chartered project specialist

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Project development, delivery, CCUS and Hydrogen

About Dave

A strong leader, Dave and his team help clients by providing high calibre consultancy services, advising on the engineering design and construction of CCUS and hydrogen technology, building on Costain’s rich heritage of over six decades of CCUS services to the energy sector.

Dave on how the industry can overcome the climate change emergency

There are many significant projects underway which, aligned with government 2030 targets, are forecast to reduce the UK CO2 emissions by over 12 million tonnes per year. These projects will make significant contribution to the UK’s progress towards a net-zero target by deploying cost-effective large-scale fuel switching to hydrogen, carbon capture at large industrial emitters coupled with CO2 transport infrastructure and storage.

As the decade advances, Dave believes that Costain has the exciting opportunity to show leadership and strategic drive to address the climate change emergency through innovation and collaborative solutions. Costain’s strategic plans focus on the decarbonisation of energy, engaging on the government commitments and our clients’ needs for innovative deployable solutions to meet the net zero target set.

Dave’s biggest professional achievements

Dave’s leadership skills, knowledge, and innovative delivery approach has been gained through experience of developing and delivering projects in the energy, nuclear, transport and oil and gas market. He has successfully managed complex engineering teams in feasibility, concept, front end engineering, detail design and construction projects through to operation.

He is particularly proud of positioning Costain as the leading engineering solutions provider for gas storage within the UK and is driving a campaign to repeat this success in decarbonisation.


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