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Systems thinking

Dr Graham Bleakley

Graham joined Costain in October 2021 to help develop and digitise the role of systems engineering and improve the value and outcomes delivered to our customers through systems-based approaches.

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Systems engineering technical director

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Systems approach, systems engineering, systems integration

About Graham

Graham's work supports customers to develop and understand the interrelationships and interfaces between assets, how they are delivered and assurance to support handover. He’s highly experienced and has worked in many sectors including aerospace, defence and automotive.

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Systems approach at Costain

Graham on his career journey

“I’ve always had keen interest in technology curious about understanding how to use it. I have been an engineer all my life, starting as boy taking apart Scalextric cars and combining the engines and wheels with Lego to build my own cars. Now, I am working in the road, rail infrastructure and water sectors and becoming more and more interested in the how and why we develop things. “

How can a systems approach help improve challenging projects?

A systems engineering approach needs to be considered for how projects are managed. This means applying a systems based approach to developing efficient and effective process along with the tools and tool integrations to support them. The biggest challenge facing project management and successful delivery of properly assured complex projects is invariably the management of data and tool integrations to support those projects.


Graham on a typical day at work

“A typical workday for me doesn’t really exist! I’m working on HS2 as chief data analyst helping to bring the various tools and processes together to support HS2 Main Works. I am supporting innovation projects including ATRIS, a project to automate the monitoring and evaluation in rail tunnels using robots. I’m also involved in academic research projects, working with the Centre for Systems Engineering & Innovation at Imperial College.“

Three things about Graham

  1. He spent three months working as volunteer, rebuilding a Red Cross centre on the island of Kiribati, aged 23.
  2. His first job was a body toolmaker apprentice at Ford in Dagenham.
  3. His first degree in Mechanical Engineering led Graham to his love of designing and building robots. He went on to receive a PhD on the subject.


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