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Gavin Pearce

Gavin started his career as a graduate civil engineer at Costain and has worked on many UK projects in the highways, rail, and water sectors in front line operational project management and business improvement roles. He is seconded to our client Thames Water, driving capital efficiency, and sharing insights on improved performance.

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Performance and assurance lead at Costain

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Project management

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LEAN methodologies, productivity, continuous improvement

About Gavin

Gavin is passionate about digital technology and he puts that to good use in his role to help successfully deliver complex water and wastewater projects for Thames Water. Reliable water supply and efficient removal of waste benefits millions of people and protects the environment for future generations.

Gavin on how he got into his performance and assurance career

"Working on many fascinating and diverse projects has given me a fantastic foundation to understand the complex nature of projects and how challenges and difficulties can be overcome. Developing my skills and knowledge in productivity and continuous improvement techniques such as LEAN, led me to setting up these methodologies in project teams."

Collaboration is key when delivering projects

As a fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Gavin believes the key to a successful project is the use of collaborative planning and production control techniques from the outline design stage, through the whole project lifecycle.

Creating a culture and behaviour within teams that enables them to plan more frequently, is key for Gavin. He believes methods such as short interval control and use of performance data, coupled with a sophisticated feedback loop enable best in class project delivery.


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