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Hywel Woolf

Hywel’s interest in the environment and sustainable development started at a very young age, having been inspired by an ‘unbelievable’ teacher at school who had an infectious passion for the environment.

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Discipline lead, environmental consultant

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Environmental management, waste management

About Hywel

In addition to being a chartered environmentalist, Hywel is also a chartered waste manager, who joined Costain just over five years ago as environment manager working on the A465 project. In 2019, he was appointed as the discipline lead for environmental consulting where he is responsible for growing the capability with new and existing clients. Hywel’s desire to accelerate positive social and environmental change is welcomed by the industry and clients who are all looking for the most sustainable solutions to tackle the climate emergency.

Hywel on overcoming challenges of environment consultancy

Hywel is keen to challenge the view that people involved in the delivery of complex programmes are not suited to or capable of a career in environmental consulting. He believes this is far from reality and rightly so. In his current role, he provides clients with trusted and credible advice that is founded upon years’ of experience and knowledge gained from delivering complex programmes in highly regulated, politically charged, stakeholder rich and physically complex environments. Hywel believes having a team that draws upon multi-disciplinary and multi-sector experience enables us to bring a fresh perspective to our clients’ complex challenges that provide the most sustainable outcomes for them.

Hywel’s biggest professional achievement

Hywel’s biggest achievements can be attributed to his time spent working with the A465 team delivering a significantly environmentally challenging project.

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