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Lara Young

Having always been somebody that knew she wanted to make a difference, Lara Young is passionate about demystifying the topic of climate change and more specifically carbon management to empower thousands of individuals, businesses and clients to make a positive difference.

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Group climate change director

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Carbon management, climate change

About Lara

As Group climate change director, Lara’s role encompasses challenging existing business models and processes to guarantee carbon management through to ensuing climate change mitigation and sustainability are designed and integrated into infrastructure at all lifecycle stages – from conception and design, to delivery, operation, and disposal. The biology graduate, who later went on to complete a MBA, joined Costain in 2015 having identified the infrastructure market as one in which she could make the biggest positive impact.

Lara on overcoming the challenges that climate change professionals face

Addressing climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st century and Lara believes government, businesses and society all have a significant part to play. The challenge is to illustrate and articulate all the benefits carbon reduction provides, not just the environmental benefits, but the commercial, societal, health, safety, quality and programme benefits too.

Lara highlights that the most common confusion regarding carbon management is that reducing carbon comes at a financial cost, closely followed by the thought that calculating carbon emissions is complex. The good news is that this isn’t the case and Lara and the wider Costain team is working with clients and our supply chain to understand their specific areas of focus as well as their challenges and opportunities to tailor our approach to fit their requirements.


Lara on how Costain is shaping the future infrastructure landscape

Lara is proud to work for a company that shares the same passion as her for reducing the impact on our planet and society that will shape the future infrastructure landscape. She shares the view that incorporating carbon management and focusing on reducing an asset’s carbon footprint across its whole lifecycle is crucial to tackling the climate change emergency.

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