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Nuclear energy

Leigh Wakefield

Leigh leads Costain’s civil nuclear business growth, building on and developing the excellent work that we do for our current clients and broadening our support to new clients in the market, including various areas of the new build programme.

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Civil nuclear director

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Nuclear engineering

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Radiological safety, thermal treatment of nuclear waste, project delivery

About Leigh

Leigh has spent his engineering career in the nuclear industry, starting in nuclear research and development before moving into safety and then management roles. His focus is on the civil nuclear industry and Costain’s technology solutions which include plasma vitrification of nuclear waste and D:EEP for measuring the depth of entrained contamination in concrete. Leigh is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Nuclear Institute.

How Leigh's role contributes to improving people’s lives

The civil nuclear team works with clients in energy generation, new build and decommissioning – all of which are vital roles for the UK’s energy landscape. The work on the generation side ensures that the existing reactor fleet continues to produce electricity safely and reliably, providing the power that we all take for granted on a day-to-day basis. For new build, the focus is on providing low carbon electricity for the future to enable us to meet our climate change obligations. And for decommissioning, we are developing innovation solutions to manage and dispose of legacy nuclear waste in a safe, sustainable, cost effective manner.

Leigh on delivering safely, to time and cost in the nuclear infrastructure market

A common misunderstanding of the nuclear market is that it is a unique environment. Leigh believes that the project and programme challenges faced are similar to infrastructure programmes in other markets and therefore cross sector collaboration and sharing of lessons learnt is vital. As with all complex and major infrastructure programmes, early investment of time to understand the scope and risks sets the right baseline for successful delivery.


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