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Behavioural management techniques

We provide a comprehensive range of training and coaching programmes suitable for directors, managers, supervisors and operatives.

Executive coaching - ABC analysis - Balanced scorecards

Behavioural management programmes

Specifically designed for directors, senior leaders and managers seeking a clear understanding and practical application of behavioural management techniques.

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Behavioural safety programmes

For senior leaders, managers, supervisors and safety professionals with the emphasis on skills that can help realise behavioural change in the workplace in relation to health, safety and environment performance.

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Behavioural safety for operatives

An introduction to behavioural science to operatives, with practical exercises relating to safety within the workplace.

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Refresher courses

For directors, senior leaders, managers, frontline managers and supervisors who have completed one of our behavioural programmes in the last three years.

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Safe start

Our safe start training assists frontline managers and supervisors within the organisation, preparation and delivery of an effective safety briefing. On site follow up coaching can also be provided.

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Our team provide executive and leadership coaching as part of a behavioural programme or standalone service.

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