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Comment and opinion

Digital overlay of construction site

You see a busy site, we see data making construction safer, greener, more efficient and sustainable

According to UK Green Building Council, 10% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions are directly associated with construction. Industry is constantly innovating to find new ways to mitigate the environmental impacts and meet the Government’s 2050 net zero target.

YOU SEE Excavators WE SEE Telematics

Reducing the construction machinery carbon footprint through data driven behaviours

In 2018 Costain was one of the first infrastructure companies in the UK to introduce air quality standards for plant machinery used on complex delivery projects nationwide, reducing the impact on the local environment and communities. This standard is now widely adopted across the industry.

You see siloed data, We see harmonised data

How an ‘Alexa’ for infrastructure is emerging

We’ve seen what a single source of truth and collaborative data sharing can do on a major programme like the A14 but how might this be applied across a number of programmes, a framework or even an enterprise? Here we discuss how setting up the right data sharing platform can help transform programme or business performance and meet carbon reduction targets.

You see a road project, We see data driving success

How cultural and digital initiatives enhanced integrated working and delivery of the A14

The first phase of the Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme was completed a year ahead of schedule, and the second eight months early with £196m in efficiencies realised against the client target of £108m. One of the questions Mark Berg is often asked is ‘how?' Read more to learn how the A14 Integrated Delivery Team exceeded expectations.

You see a station, We see data insights

How better data gathering can help enhance social value and build trust (part two)

This is the second in a series of articles that explores the potential of technology to help us maximise the impact of our social value initiatives through better gathering and management of data. In this article, we look at how digital technology is improving the conversations we are having with communities and the data that demonstrates we are improving people’s lives.

You see a station, We see data insights

Better social value data management for building back better

This is the first in a series of articles that explores the potential of technology to help us maximise the impact of our social value initiatives through better gathering and management of data. In this first article, we look at how standardising, sharing and managing social value data is being improved through digital technology.

You see, We see_biodiversity

A better blueprint for greener infrastructure

As the long awaited Environment Bill makes its way through the House of Commons, many organisations and local authorities are preparing for the proposed Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) mandatory requirement. When the Bill is passed, any new infrastructure or building project regulated under the Town and Country Planning Act must increase biodiversity by 10%. But calculating and weighing up all the data, options and costs associated with managing biodiversity for a site is notoriously difficult and time consuming. If not managed effectively, it can impact programme delivery certainty.

Digital twin of water tap

Maintaining resilient, low carbon UK water infrastructure which is fit for the future

A new world of innovation is being directed by Ofwat and the water industry is embracing the opportunities to find better solutions to the challenges in our changing world.

aerial busy motorway

New guidance to help suppliers reduce the risks to roadside workers

Industry leaders have set out six clear steps companies can take to make working with, or near, heavy machinery, safer. Costain’s Richard Stuart, who is a member of the Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group, and leader of its Safe Working with Plant task and finish group, explains.

Delivering excellence in major rail projects

With an ever-increasing pressure to deliver major rail projects that not only meet but exceed expectations, we have a golden opportunity to improve the way projects are delivered in the UK. In this article, members of an expert panel convened by the Railway Industry Association, discuss how excellence in delivery requires getting the very best out of the supply chain and ensuring an agile and focused approach. Ultimately, we always need to put the customers who pay for rail infrastructure at the heart of our thinking.