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Comment and opinion

aerial busy motorway

New guidance to help suppliers reduce the risks to roadside workers

Industry leaders have set out six clear steps companies can take to make working with, or near, heavy machinery, safer. Costain’s Richard Stuart, who is a member of the Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group, and leader of its Safe Working with Plant task and finish group, explains.

Delivering excellence in major rail projects

With an ever-increasing pressure to deliver major rail projects that not only meet but exceed expectations, we have a golden opportunity to improve the way projects are delivered in the UK. In this article, members of an expert panel convened by the Railway Industry Association, discuss how excellence in delivery requires getting the very best out of the supply chain and ensuring an agile and focused approach. Ultimately, we always need to put the customers who pay for rail infrastructure at the heart of our thinking.

Nuclear energy

Stabilising and reducing the volume of nuclear waste through plasma vitrification

Our civil nuclear director, Leigh Wakefield, discusses how thermal treatment of nuclear waste offers a range of advantages over more traditional compaction, grouting and/or direct disposal by reducing volume and stabilisation of waste materials.


APM podcast: how to be a great project leader

This APM panel podcast focuses on the evolving role of a project leader with Gordon MacKay from Sellafield, Mike Bourne from Cranfield University and Costain’s Claire Fryer. Listen to their expert opinions of what makes a ‘good’ project leader and how the most important part of any system, links back to the individuals in your team.


Engineering Matters Podcast #81 Zen and the art of programme management

Our experts, Sue Kershaw, Claire Fryer and Pete Mill have teamed up with Gordon Masterton from the University of Edinburgh and Engineering Matters to discuss how project reviews are the cornerstone of any major project for the regular and formal review of performance reporting and decision-making. They have the potential to improve project performance and potentially the performance of our industry.

Rebuilding customer confidence covid-19

Rebuilding customer confidence in the age of Covid-19

At Costain, we believe that leveraging behavioural insights and technology is at the heart of attracting customers back to public transport. We want customers to travel with confidence and we recognise that it is only by working with transport providers to understand their challenges that we can make this a reality.

Systems engineering

Understanding the Big Picture to ensure successful project delivery

In this article, Costain's chief systems engineer, Hazel Woodcock explores the types of boundaries and connections for major programmes. Overall, the goal is a ‘one team’ mindset. Know where the boundaries are, know who the stakeholders are, but work in an open 'zero defects attitude' culture.

Andrew Abu-Bakar

The role of leadership in risk management

Our head of risk services, Andrew Abu-Bakar, discusses the ways in which project leaders can influence the effectiveness of risk management through active participation, a dose of realism and a collaborative environment.


Engineering Matters Podcast #74 Weaving a new data fabric for infrastructure

Our experts, Tim Embley and Zoe Rogers, have teamed up Neil Robertson from the National Skills Academy for Rail, Stuart Harvey from Transport for London and Engineering Matters to talk about a major programme that is being spearheaded by the UK’s transport sector: The Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy Living Lab (TIES Living Lab, or just ‘the Living Lab’ for short).


Engineering Matters Podcast #73 How to build a digital twin

Our experts, Kevin Reeves and Carolina Toczycka, have teamed up Guy Gregory from Anglian Water and Engineering Matters to talk through the realities of building a digital twin.