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Comment and opinion

A19 Testos roundabout

Delivering complex infrastructure programmes – the A19 story

The UK’s Road network is the backbone of the country’s transport infrastructure. It provides real and direct economic benefits: to business, to workers, to users. Better connections support individual towns and cities and the surrounding communities. Keeping traffic moving through faster, safer, greener, and more efficient project delivery is encapsulated in the A19 Testos junction improvement scheme.


Energy Voice Podcast - tracking the hydrogen transition

Hydrogen is at the top of a lot of lists when it comes to the energy transition, securing attention from governments and companies around the world. Our energy sector director, Rob Phillips, has teamed up with Daniel Grosvenor, Daniel Brock and the Energy Voice to shed some further light on their thoughts, how progress was coming along and share some insights into the issues - not least how to spark supply and demand seemingly simultaneously.

Costain's hydrogen rainbow

Blue or Green hydrogen? What colour will the fuel of the future be?

The debate around which direction the UK should take in terms of blue or green hydrogen is complex. Hydrogen can be produced by a variety of methods, and to differentiate between them, they are referred to as different colours. Blue and green hydrogen are the focus for this discussion in an article first published by Energy Voice.

Connected digital road

A step closer to a connected digital transport future

Leveraging digital technology presents us with multiple opportunities to be more effective in delivering the government’s ambitions to build back better, greener and faster. Key to this is not just building more efficiently and safely but also optimising our existing infrastructure in a way that supports green jobs and accelerates our path to net zero.

Drone technology

The digital eye in the sky. How drones are helping Costain deliver faster, safer, greener, and more efficient complex projects

When designing for major programmes of complex engineering, technology plays a vital part in increasing safety and efficiency and reducing cost and programme delay. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone technology provides a valuable perspective or a bird’s eye view to monitor the programme and progress.

You see a construction site, We see opportunities

Digital approach to construction of London’s super sewer

Digital processes and innovations are enabling the Thames Tideway tunnel team to respond to change, make confident decisions and improve safety and efficiency on the project.

i-VSS intellifent video site services

You see a busy site, we see safer and more efficient construction through video analytics and AI

Tackling the need to adapt and find new and innovative ways to support communication, planning, and safety activities on construction sites, Costain is collaborating on a digital research and development project, partly funded by Innovate UK to help improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the safety and security of all workers.

Digital overlay of construction site

You see a busy site, we see data making construction safer, greener, more efficient and sustainable

According to UK Green Building Council, 10% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions are directly associated with construction. Industry is constantly innovating to find new ways to mitigate the environmental impacts and meet the Government’s 2050 net zero target.

YOU SEE Excavators WE SEE Telematics

Reducing the construction machinery carbon footprint through data driven behaviours

In 2018 Costain was one of the first infrastructure companies in the UK to introduce air quality standards for plant machinery used on complex delivery projects nationwide, reducing the impact on the local environment and communities. This standard is now widely adopted across the industry.

You see siloed data, We see harmonised data

How an ‘Alexa’ for infrastructure is emerging

We’ve seen what a single source of truth and collaborative data sharing can do on a major programme like the A14 but how might this be applied across a number of programmes, a framework or even an enterprise? Here we discuss how setting up the right data sharing platform can help transform programme or business performance and meet carbon reduction targets.