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Maxine Mayhew

Costain responds to submission of water company AMP 7 business plans

It is going to be a busy few months at Ofwat, the regulator for the water sector. They will be poring over the business plans which have just been submitted by the UK’s water companies setting out their five years plans for delivering for customers and the environment. Read our insights...

Simon Ellison, Costain Highways

Digital technology is a vital enabler

For most of the last two centuries, the solution to infrastructure reaching capacity or becoming life expired was to build more of it: more roads, more railway lines, more water treatment works and power stations. But in recent decades it has become clear that we can’t always build our way out of our most complex challenges.

Tony Scutt, Costain

Transforming the Road Network

The decision by the UK government to set up the National Infrastructure Commission in October of last year is a strong signal that the country is taking a longer-term view in terms of improving nationally significant infrastructure while at the same time providing greater certainty for those of us involved in making those improvements happen.

Level 2 BIM on the highways - are we there yet?

By this April all public sector construction bids will have show they can meet the technological requirements demanded by the next level of the Business Information Modelling programme described as Level 2 BIM. It calls for all project and asset information, documentation and data to be electronic to bring costs down and speed up delivery times to increase value for money. The big question for our industry has to be: are we ready?

Simon Ellison, Costain Highways

Reaping the Rewards of Building a Collaborative Future

When the Highways Agency announced its Collaborative Delivery Framework in November 2014, it emphasised collaboration among all partners as the key ingredient in the successful delivery of the £24 billion investment to transform England’s major road networks up to 2021.

Costain employee wearing PPE

Distinction for Oil and Gas Safety Record

As Costain turns in another notable Group performance in the annual awards from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), Oil and Gas has continued its excellent safety record.

Supporting the search for the next CO2 Storage Sites

Our oil and gas team is using its expertise in field development and subsea infrastructure to support a £2.5 million project, helping to shape the future of Carbon Capture Storage. Working alongside partners Pale Blue Dot Energy and Axis Wells Technology, Costain’s role is to evaluate the offshore infrastructure requirements for five potential offshore sites to store CO2 generated by some of the UK’s major power stations and industrial sites around the UK.

Mark Oldfield, eight2O

How can businesses respond to the rising expectations of their customers?

We live in a world where we expect to receive a service on time and with minimal inconvenience. For the likes of John Lewis and Amazon, this is at the heart of everything they do to outperform their competition — and we have now all come to expect this type of service when we interact with organisations.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy: The business strategy

Sustainability is becoming increasingly integrated into business strategies among leading companies worldwide, bringing direct benefits to their long-term success. Reports have shown that by implementing a sustainability strategy, savings have been made in terms of reduced energy and water consumption costs as well as in waste disposal costs to mention a few.

Highways Technology

We’ve seen a huge rise in the use of technology. The consumer market is booming – with the majority of people owning at least one smart phone. The purpose of a mobile phone is no longer solely for making and receiving calls. The world has been transformed by application based technology and faster internet connections over the cellular network, giving us access to the internet at our fingertips.