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Comment and opinion


Mark Oldfield, eight2O

How can businesses respond to the rising expectations of their customers?

We live in a world where we expect to receive a service on time and with minimal inconvenience. For the likes of John Lewis and Amazon, this is at the heart of everything they do to outperform their competition — and we have now all come to expect this type of service when we interact with organisations.

How can business get young people into work?

The power industry is facing some big challenges over the next five to 15 years. With almost half of the UK’s energy and utility workforce expected to retire by 2023, we actively need to be attracting enough younger people into the sector with qualifications in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to fill the skills gap.

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

The UK has had concerns over the science and engineering disciplines for nearly 200 years. In fact, a report by Charles Babbage, the Decline of Science in England in 1830 raised serious concerns over the UK’s future as a leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) markets; with focus at the time on manufacturing.

Planes, trains and ferry terminals

St Pancras provided both the largest commercial challenge I faced in my time with the Group as well as the fondest memories. The job started at £350 million and in the end we settled it at £660 million. The station, home to London’s Eurostar terminal, is now regarded as an exemplar of engineering and the re-use of an iconic Victorian structure.

Corporate Volunteering – a great way to get involved

There are many buzzwords floating around. In 2014 one of those was the term ‘corporate volunteer’ but it seems there are still a lot of people that have not heard about it.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy: The business strategy

Sustainability is becoming increasingly integrated into business strategies among leading companies worldwide, bringing direct benefits to their long-term success. Reports have shown that by implementing a sustainability strategy, savings have been made in terms of reduced energy and water consumption costs as well as in waste disposal costs to mention a few.