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aerial busy motorway

New guidance to help suppliers reduce the risks to roadside workers

Industry leaders have set out six clear steps companies can take to make working with, or near, heavy machinery, safer. Costain’s Richard Stuart, who is a member of the Supply Chain Safety Leadership Group, and leader of its Safe Working with Plant task and finish group, explains.

Delivering excellence in major rail projects

With an ever-increasing pressure to deliver major rail projects that not only meet but exceed expectations, we have a golden opportunity to improve the way projects are delivered in the UK. In this article, members of an expert panel convened by the Railway Industry Association, discuss how excellence in delivery requires getting the very best out of the supply chain and ensuring an agile and focused approach. Ultimately, we always need to put the customers who pay for rail infrastructure at the heart of our thinking.

Nuclear energy

Stabilising and reducing the volume of nuclear waste through plasma vitrification

Our civil nuclear director, Leigh Wakefield, discusses how thermal treatment of nuclear waste offers a range of advantages over more traditional compaction, grouting and/or direct disposal by reducing volume and stabilisation of waste materials.