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Costain in the spotlight


NCE100 Talent Champion, Costain

NCE100 Company Profile

Costain’s success at the NCE100 Awards reflects a change in the company’s business strategy to deliver the future infrastructure solutions.

Nigel Curry - Costain's Power Director

Opportunity and an exciting place to be

Addressing the UK’s urgent strategic national infrastructure needs, whether it is ensuring the security of future energy sources, providing a safe and reliable water supply or upgrading road and rail transport, has resulted in the implementation of multi-billion long-term investment programmes. These investment programmes provide substantial business opportunities for Costain. New consulting and advisory services director, Nigel Curry, gives his view after almost twelve months following the acquisition of Rhead Group.

Viewpoint: Improving Programmes

Andrew Poole, Costain's Principal Risk Consultant, shares his viewpoint on improving programmes.

Terry Morgan and Darren James

Sewing The Seeds

How the construction industry addresses the looming skills shortage was the subject of the recent NCE/Costain round table discussion. Alexandra Wynne reports.

Employee analysing content

Costain: Growing Capability

When Costain acquired Rhead Group earlier this year it improved its position in the energy market and strengthened its programme management offering.