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Safety of Vulnerable Road Users

Safety of Vulnerable Road Users

Author: Paul Wright

There has been much profile recently in relation to increasing concern about the safety of cyclists and pedestrians on our streets, particularly in London. This has been brought about by the growing number of fatal accidents on our roads involving vulnerable road users, a high percentage of which have involved construction site vehicles. Much research and campaigning into this key issue has taken place and is bringing about some positive actions which include the development of common codes of practice in construction logistics with regard to vulnerable road user safety.

As a responsible company, Costain takes its role in society seriously and has taken action to tackle this key issue. We recently launched, and are progressively implementing over the next 12 months, specific safety standards for vehicles that travel to and from Costain projects. Our standards specify driver competence minimum requirements and include safety measures that ensure we select the safest travel route to and from Costain sites, minimising as much as possible the interface between construction vehicles and vulnerable road users. We are also active members of, and engaged in supporting, the Transport for London sub working group which is putting together a common code of practice that aims to encourage the wider adoption of best practice in construction logistics and cycle safety across industry.

We will keep you posted on related developments and progress!