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Better Mentors Make Better Managers

22 April 2015

Costain’s strengthening relationship with Derby University is helping members of the team working on the Severn Trent Water framework become better, more effective managers.

Four CiM6 (Costain Integrated with MWH in AMP6) staff are now studying for Derby University’s Advanced Certificate of Continuing Professional Development (Mentoring Learners in the Workplace). It is the latest development in a collaboration that began last year and recently saw five MSc engineering students from the University begin work placements at CiM6.

Stephan van Brummelen, Framework MEICA (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation) Manager; Iain McGregor, Commissioning Manager; Sarah Allez, Community Relations Manager and Kevin Reeves, ICA (Instrumentation, Automation and Control)/Software Manager are learning about the latest coaching and mentoring techniques through a combination of taught sessions, online learning and written assignments. The aim of the course, which typically lasts around six months, is to not only improve their coaching and mentoring skills but also enhance their management and leadership capabilities.

Said Iain: “The course has been very useful. I’ve been a mentor before but now recognise that there was a lack of structure to what I was doing and what I was trying to achieve. This course has a very structured approach that’s helped me gain a much deeper understanding of people’s needs, and why they react as they do in certain situations.

“I’m currently mentoring one of the students with us on work placements and also CiM6 graduates, but the skills I’m learning are being used across all levels within the business and are applicable to far more than mentoring. I believe mentoring is a two-way street: you get out what you put in, which is making me a better manager.”

Added Stephan: “The course encompasses some good theories and techniques that are a valuable addition to a manager’s toolkit - particularly those associated with enhancing the understanding of people’s reaction to new information and challenges. This will further enhance the management of my staff. The skills acquired on the course will definitely make me a more efficient manager.”




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