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BIM Manager Joins Infrastructure Group

11 March 2014

Costain’s Design & Building Information Modelling (BIM) Manager, David Owens, has been invited to join the committee of the influential BIM 4 Infrastructure (UK) advice group.

“BIM4IUK evolved out of a Special Interest Group within the Association of Geographic Information and BIM4Rail,” explained David. “It now includes representatives of the main professional institutions, the Construction Project Information Committee, client bodies, consultants and contractors.”

David is currently working on the Highways Agency BIM early adopter project, the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon improvement. “The Highways Agency is being very proactive on BIM, they’ve brought together both the early adopters and maintenance areas, have produced a draft standard for the roll-out of BS1192 and continued the long standing work the HA is doing to be more efficient,” he said.

David had connections with BIM4IUK through its vice-chairman, Anne Kemp, and the invitation to join came after he organised a Highways Agency BIM early adopters group to exchange lessons learned, best practice and share their collective experiences, hopefully ensuring  consistency for the agency.

BIM4IUK is a partner organisation to the Government BIM Task Group (http://www.bimtaskgroup.org/bim-4-infrastructure-uk/), providing a forum for organisations and industry professionals to share their experiences in putting BIM into practice on worksites.

BIM4IUK was set up with the following goals:
•Sharing knowledge and learning between its members;
•Providing outreach to appropriate industry bodies and institutions;
•Promoting infrastructure-related case studies, which demonstrate best practice and the integrated management of information across all stages of the asset lifecycle;
•Provide leadership in establishing how buildings and infrastructure can be integrated and how BIM and geospatial can interface and converge.

It aims to move knowledge of BIM both vertically, up and down the supply chain, as well as horizontally across different industry sectors.

“I’m very lucky,” said David. “I’ve had four years’ experience of doing this and now, at the vanguard of this early adopter project, I hope I can share what I’ve learned with the industry at large.”