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Bond Street Station Wins Environmental Award

Bond Street Station Wins Environmental Award

2 June 2015

The Costain Skanska joint venture (CSJV) team working on the new Bond Street Station project (C412) has won a Green Line environmental award from Crossrail.

The Green Line is Crossrail’s environmental award scheme, which rewards individuals and teams on its construction sites for tackling environmental issues and supporting environmental best practice. Chris Sexton, Crossrail’s Technical Director, presented the award to the project team on recently.

In order to obtain the award, the team had to submit a comprehensive assessment of the project as well as an audit to demonstrate the commitment and regular involvement of the leadership team; visibly communicated environmental objectives; progress against targets monitored and regular feedback provided; and visible environmental engagement like site inspections.

To support the award, the Bond Street team submitted over 90 pieces of evidence. One of the main areas under assessment was environmental behavioural change and raising awareness about environmental issues, which took six months to compile.

The awards aim to improve environmental awareness and achieve positive environmental behaviour change across all of Crossrail’s sites, with the ultimate aim of improving environmental performance.

“The biggest focus on C412 has been the promotion of behavioural change and increasing the amount of reported environmental observations, which really highlighted the commitment of the project team in promoting environmental awareness and behaviour change,” said Melissa Wellings, the Environment Manager working on the project.

Following a behavioural awareness campaign, the project recorded a near four-fold increase in environmental observations between February and March 2015, and this is set to continue.

The award cannot be awarded based on short-term initiatives as the evidence has to demonstrate consistent ‘buy-in’ from everyone on the site over a period of time. There is also a follow up site visit from a Crossrail Environmental representative to ensure that improvements have been made.

“Regular monitoring of environmental observations takes place and there are monthly awareness campaigns on different environmental topics along with environmental toolbox talks,” said Melissa.

Under the C412 contract, CSJV is responsible for the main construction and fit-out of the Western Ticket Hall near Davies Street and the Eastern Ticket Hall near Hanover Square. Once completed, the Bond Street Crossrail station will be directly linked to the tube station, enabling passengers to interchange between Crossrail and London Underground services.

For more information about Crossrail’s Green Line Recognition Scheme, please click here.


Pictured from left to right: Suzanne Bryon (Crossrail Environment Advisor), Melissa Wellings (Environment Manager CSJV), Claire Carr (Project Manager CSJV), Cathy Myatt (Crossrail Environment Manager), Barry White (Graduate Environment Advisor CSJV), Lorna Russell (Crossrail Environment Assurance Manager).



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