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Costain Expert On Carbon Capture

5 March 2012

Terry Tomlinson, Costain Energy & Process Front End Solution Manager, recently joined a panel of experts to present at the Carbon Capture and Storage Forum held in London.

Other speakers at the conference included prominent industry stakeholders from Shell, National Grid and SSE. The keynote speaker was Adam Dawson, Chief Executive of the Office of Carbon Capture & Storage.

The conference focussed on how large scale carbon capture and storage can become a commercial reality. Costain’s conference paper addressed the challenges facing the industry in implementing the ‘next generation’ of carbon capture technology.

Last year, Costain was commissioned and funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to undertake the design of a pilot plant capable of capturing 95% of the carbon dioxide emissions from a coal-fired power station. Following front end design, Costain will build, operate and test the carbon capture pilot plant by the middle of 2015.

A diverse portfolio of low carbon power generation capacity is at the heart of the UK’s energy security strategy. Coal fired power generation is part of that mix but new facilities will need to incorporate CCS in order for them to be built and operated in the UK. It is expected that all new-build coal-fired power stations will require CCS capability by 2020.

Terry Tomlinson said: “Costain’s team of front end specialists has developed an innovative CCS technology that will reduce capital cost requirements, significantly improve overall plant efficiency and achieve a high carbon capture rate in excess of 95%.”

“The UK is at the forefront in developing the next generation in carbon capture technology that will make CCS technology viable for generations to come,” added Charles Sweeney, Costain Energy and Process Managing Director. “In line with our strategy of Meeting National Needs, we have the opportunity to help significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by coal fired power stations.”