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Costain Launches Blog On Website

6 September 2013

Costain makes its 'blogging' debut on the Company website today.

The Costain blog will increase further the level of two-way dialogue between the Company and its stakeholders.

“We’re always looking for new ways to engage with stakeholders and a massive element about Costain Cares is how we get feedback so we’re not just going off and doing what we, as a business, feel is right,” said Corporate Responsibility Director, Catherine Warbrick.

“News releases and the website tend to be one-way communication, whereas the idea of a blog is to encourage more discussion and communication. We’re looking for what our stakeholders think we should be prioritising.”

Stakeholders will be able to ‘share’ blog entries and post comments on the new webpage which will be hosted within the Responsibility area of the website, with a link on the homepage.  It is hoped that these comments will grow into a discussion forum.

The new blog will be run through the Communications Department. “We want to embrace all new channels in Social Media and the Costain blog is an additional way of engaging with our stakeholders on a variety of topics,” said Social Media Officer, Donna Bowden.

“We look forward to receiving visitors’ comments and views.”

Likely topics will include aspects of Costain Cares, SHE, environmental sustainability and skills. Specialists from throughout the Company will be encouraged to put forward contributions, rather than the bulk of the material originating in the Communications Department.

Visit the Costain blog - /blog/costain-talking.aspx