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Costain Skanska Joint Venture Takes Two Crossrail Awards

07 September 2015

Costain, together with its Joint Venture (JV) partner Skanska, received two honours at Crossrail’s Sustainability Awards, which showcases the innovations and sustainability successes of its contractors.

A Costain JV was short-listed in each of the seven awards categories. As well as taking top honours in two categories, the JV was highly commended in another, while Costain was highly commended in a further category.

The Costain Skanska joint venture (CSJV) team working on the new Crossrail Bond Street Station C412 won an Environmental Engagement Award for its SHEC (safety, health, environment and community) calendar, SHE risk profile and Proactive Environmental Toolbox Talk Register. Designed to raise the profile of SHEC across the project, each month was given an environmental theme which allowed for national campaigns to be included as well as site specific activities.

“The SHEC calendar is very prominent in the office and on-site and has been effective at raising the profile of SHEC initiatives. The SHE risk profile covers specific SHE risks relevant to the works taking place on site at any given time. The toolbox talk register identifies all the relevant talks / briefings which correlate with the risks on site and tracks proactive and reactive talks,” said Melissa Wellings, CSJV Environment Manager working on the project.

The team at Crossrail’s C360 Mile End contract was jointly awarded the Sustainability Champions Award for their day shift General Foreman, Dean Collins, and night shift General Foreman, Lewis Smith. Dean’s close relationship with the community allowed the project to succeed, while Lewis developed innovative noise mitigation measures and behavioural improvement plans to reduce noise complaints. Lewis took the lead in managing the effects of the C360 nightshift site works on the local community.

Elsewhere, the CSJV team working on Crossrail C405 Paddington Station was highly commended in the Innovation and Exemplary Environmental Performance category for its scope 1, 2 and 3 Carbon Reductions, which resulted in a carbon reduction totalling 3,922 tCO2e. The team achieved these results by reusing walers during temporary works, GGBS content, using a Green Energy Tariff, an MDU for the undercroft and interim combination / daisy – chain generators.

The team also sought to improve air quality in line with wider Greater London Authority targets. It achieved this through the procurement of newer plant and equipment with tier 3B/4 engines or diesel particulate filters being fitted to specialist equipment. Eco–training and air quality training was provided to drivers and the site based staff, as well as using specialist equipment such as of hygroscopic dust suppressant and an efficient set-up of generators.

Keith Kirwan, a Site Works Coordinator on the Crossrail Anglia Project, was highly commended in the Sustainability Champion Award for engaging with the project staff and supply chain to identify and implement measures to reduce the environmental impacts of the project’s construction phase. These measures included procuring hydrogen cell tower lights, which resulted in a number of environmental benefits, including cutting carbon emissions by nearly 60 kg per hour.

But Keith’s efforts didn’t stop there. He also investigated the potential for using solar powered CCTV systems, a dehumidifier in the drying rooms, resource efficient cabins and electric cars for site transfers.

“On a major project like this, where we are spread over 30 miles of railway, establishing project offices in a diverse area of Greater London is a key challenge. It is so refreshing to see someone like Keith Kirwan in a delivery role, taking the lead and pushing a sustainability agenda on the many sites we are setting up, and working very closely with the environmental team to introduce several innovative energy and waste saving initiatives. We need more people like Keith in the industry to make a step change in reducing our environmental footprint,” said David Whiteford, the Project Director on Crossrail Anglia.

The awards coincided with the launch of Crossrail’s Sustainability Report 2015. The report details the achievements of the construction phase of the project to date and looks at sustainability credentials the new high frequency, high capacity rail service will have when it opens in 2019.

To read more about Crossrail’s Sustainability Report, please click on the link below:
Crossrail Sustainability Report 2015


Photo, from left to right: Daniel Trathen (Sub Agent CSJV), Claire Davies (Environment Intern CSJV), Barry White (Graduate Environment Advisor CSJV), Terry Morgan (Crossrail Chairman), Melissa Wellings (Environment Manager), Andrew Wolstenholme (Crossrail CEO), Sandy Webster (Crossrail Engineer), Derek Van Rensburg (Construction Manager CSJV)



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