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Costain To Attend Mobile IT Conference

6 August 2012

Costain will be providing one of the keynote speakers for a major conference this autumn aimed at increasing the use of mobile IT in the construction industry.

Systems and Technology Director, Bill Price, will be among those taking part in BIMobility Day, a conference organised by Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT (COMIT) in London on 15 November. The theme will be how Business Information Modelling (BIM), specifically information mobility, can be built into the sector’s business processes.

A key factor in achieving successful integration of the construction industry supply chain is the accuracy, effective flow and intelligent use of information. This requires interoperability of information.

In September 2009 Paul Morrell, the Government’s Chief Construction Advisor, outlined an Industry working group, commissioned by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills to provide a report on the potential future use of BIM.

The working group’s report was presented in March 2011 and provided a suggested roadmap and strategy to enable the progressive use of BIM on Government building programmes, as well as providing a framework for procurement and delivery standards.

COMIT is currently looking at how information currently in paper document form can be captured in digital format, so it can be used by site teams.  “Over the next five years we want to be the catalyst or voice for the construction industry in this field,” said Sharika Fernando, COMIT’s Projects and Marketing Manager. COMIT is a non profit-making organisation that helps its members to realise benefits from the use of mobile information and communication technologies.