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Costain to transition its fleet to clean sustainable fuel sources as it joins the Climate Group EV100

Electric vehicle


01 October 2020

Costain is taking another step closer to realising its ambitions to lead UK infrastructure into a net zero carbon future, as it joins the Climate Group EV100 and pledges to transition 100% of its fleet to electric or other clean sustainable fuel sources such as hydrogen. This move keeps Costain’s Climate Change Action Plan well on track to reduce the organisation’s total carbon footprint to net zero by 2035 at the latest, supporting the Government in meeting its 2050 target.


“Changing our vehicle fleet and reducing corporate carbon emissions from our car fleets to net zero by 2030 at the latest is one of the four key pillars of change outlined in our Climate Change Action Plan. It will impact the personal carbon footprint of almost every individual in the organisation who benefits from a company car, car allowance or casual mileage drivers and my hope is it will help to encourage even more carbon conscious behaviours.”

Lara Young, group carbon manager at Costain

The Climate Group EV100 is a global initiative bringing together forward-looking companies committed to accelerating the transition to low emission vehicles such as electric (EVs) and hydrogen vehicles, helping members to reduce low emission vehicle investment costs through best practice sharing. The campaign also drives engagement and dialogue between governments and other stakeholders to collaboratively address the remaining barriers to EV uptake and infrastructure roll-out.

The move will include installing charging for staff at all permanent office sites and infrastructure project sites and builds on existing initiatives to use low emissions vehicles throughout the business. For example, Costain recently introduced the first hydrogen vehicle airside at Gatwick Airport which cleans air and emits water as it is used to provide client-side consultancy services for upgrades to critical infrastructure.


“Diversifying our range of ultralow emission vehicles across our operations is one of many initiatives to ensure every solution for our clients proposes low carbon options by 2023 and that all operations, including our supply chain, will be net zero carbon by 2035 at the latest.”

Lara Young, group carbon manager at Costain

Costain provides advisory and consultancy services to other organisations seeking to accelerate their journey to net zero carbon by 2050. From advising local authorities on their adoption of electric or hydrogen powered fleets to deep decarbonisation measures such as carbon capture, carbon transport and storage, permit and planning, fuel switching to hydrogen and renewable generation.

Find out more about Costain’s climate change solutions, experts and commitments on Costain’s Climate Change Solutions Hub.