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Drive On Innovation Training

Team Seeks Low-Carbon Supply Chain

14 April 2016

Costain has reinforced its commitment to identifying, developing and implementing innovative solutions by rolling out a second tranche of its highly successful innovation training programme.

Demand is so great for the three-day Innovation in Action course that six more courses are planned across the UK for 2016.

Launched one year ago, the course teaches delegates how to develop their innovation skills to generate ideas that can solve business challenges. So far more than 70 Costain employees, customers, joint venture partners and suppliers have taken part. Feedback from delegates has been overwhelmingly positive, with 93% finding the skills they learnt useful in their job and 100% having had ideas for new innovations since completing the course.

Danny Keelagher, Junior Designer, particularly liked how current the course was: “As a young engineer, I found it to be highly engaging. Training can be mind-numbing and very theory based, but the opportunity to analyse the rise of innovators such as Steve Jobs was a breath of fresh air, and thought provoking to say the least.

“This course really does help you to ‘think outside the box’ and helped me to understand that the right answer is not always found in what might be considered the ‘right place’.”

George Holder, ATC Innovations Champion, says the course has benefitted customers too: “There’s now a more efficient and wider reaching innovation process on site, with more ideas being created and trialled - not just in ‘traditional’ engineering areas, but in environmental, commercial, and health and wellbeing too. The client is seeing benefits from the resulting time and cost efficiencies, as well as a safer and more environmentally conscious site.”

For Michael Bashford, Costain Head of Learning and Organisational Development, the Company’s continued investment in the training is proof of its commitment to unlocking talent and helping its teams to innovate and provide better solutions for customers.

He said: “Innovation is part of what our people do and our role in the training department is to make sure our teams have the skills required to deliver the expected outcomes customers require. Costain is committed to ensuring we deliver the very best teams to our customers and recognises that the Innovation in Action training provides these vital skills.”

To find out how to take part, go to Innovation in Action Training Programme.



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