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Government Calls For Sustainability Meeting

13 February 2014

Costain was invited to meet Jeff Cuthbert AM, the Welsh Government’s Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty to discuss sustainability.

The meeting, also involving five other organisations drawn from sectors such as charities, private businesses and the public sector, followed on from Costain becoming a signatory to the Sustainable Development Charter. This aims to make sustainability central to all organisations in Wales through promoting and delivering environmental, social and economic wellbeing in decision making.

The event was coordinated by Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales, the organisation responsible for encouraging and enabling organisations to deliver the Welsh Government’s commitment to sustainable development. Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales administers the Sustainable Development Charter.

So far, over 160 organisations have signed up to the Charter. Their participation is also intended to allow the Government to draw on their collective experience and expertise in the field of sustainability. Costain’s longstanding commitment to sustainable development and its long term vision through Costain Cares gives it the necessary credentials to offer its views to legislators at the national level.

The initial meeting was held to discuss the Charter and provide suggestions as to how it could be improved. There was also a debate on Wales’s Future Generations Bill, which aims to ensure a ‘joined-up government’ in the sustainability field.

Andrea Green, Costain’s Project Manager, who has taken a lead on the sustainability agenda in Wales said: “We welcome the opportunity to be involved in such an important national debate on the future of sustainability in Wales. The lessons we have learnt from this cross-sector discussion are leading to new and innovative ways of implementing sustainability practice on our projects.”

David Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive of Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales, added: “Costain is a vital part of the Sustainable Development Charter. Their expertise in this area is a major benefit to the Charter and to Wales as a whole.”

Sufficient progress was made at the initial meeting to have Costain invited back for a follow-up session in March.

Costain’s Corporate Responsibility Director, Catherine Warbrick, added: “It’s most encouraging that the effort we have put into this field is now being recognised by external bodies. We are delighted to have been asked to support Cynnal Cymru and the Welsh Government in their drive for a Sustainable Wales.”