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Help For Retailers At Paddington

19 April 2013

Crossrail’s Paddington station contractor Costain Skanska Joint Venture (JV) has facilitated more than 48,000 deliveries to the station’s retailers in the past year.

The deliveries to the 32 Paddington station businesses, including Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencers and WH Smiths, were previously made via Departures Road (off Eastbourne Terrace). This road has since been converted into a major construction site to build Crossrail’s Paddington station, one of nine new stations being built across the route in London.

Crossrail worked closely with Network Rail to find a solution that included Costain Skanska JV developing a full management plan to manage all the deliveries to Paddington station including a booking system and lorry holding area.

Costain Skanska JV and Crossrail have worked closely with retailers to communicate the changes which included receiving deliveries to the station entrance next to the Hilton Hotel.

Work for the construction of the new Crossrail station started in February 2012. The station is being constructed under Eastbourne Terrace and once the main station structure is completed, Eastbourne Terrace will be restored above and reopened in 2014. The station construction will be completed in 2018.