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Innovation At Peacehaven

30 January 2012

Costain is pioneering the use of innovative computer software to help track documents in real time that will help speed up the sign-off process on large complex projects.

Called Zenator, the integrated completion management software is being used for the construction of a Wastewater Treatment Works and Sludge Recycling Centre at Peacehaven, Sussex, on behalf of Southern Water.

In the construction process, the amount of paperwork that is generated in order to get a project through to completion can be vast, yet is often overlooked.

Costain, which is responsible for delivering the project with 4D Delivery partners MWH and Veolia Water, has over 50,000 documents which are all required to meet project completion requirements.

The project team are also aiming to get an exemplary turn of flow once the construction activities are completed but a key requirement for this to happen is the quick sign-off of handover documentation.

The Zenator software helps to manage dry-testing, wet-testing and commissioning documentation by generating reports on progress against expectation.

The integrated completion management system uses bar codes which reduces the requirement of a document controller to manually file information. The system can be accessed by multiple users who can track the documentation through the design, construction and completion process. The system is also integrated with hand-held tablet devices like iPads but modified for the rigours of on-site use.

“This integrated system helps us identify and close defects on a real time basis. The site inspectors can identify a defect on-site using a hand-held tablet device which is area coded, and then take immediate action to rectify any problem,” said Aalok Sonawala, Business Systems Manager on the project.

Using handheld tablet technology isn’t new to Peacehaven. It was originally used at Costain Geotechnical Services, while the latest innovation was made possible through a knowledge sharing exercise with Costain’s Energy & Process Division which had used similar Pathmaker software on that side of the business for some time.

“This is a great example of utilising the most available technology and making the best use of it in order to meet client expectations. On every project, the completion of handover documentation and defect sign-off is critical for its successful delivery, and these new systems will further enable us to manage this process more efficiently,” Aalok said.