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New Innovation Training Launched

18 March 2015

Costain has launched a new Innovation Training Programme, giving its employees valuable insights into developing their innovation skills and solving business challenges.

Designed by the Costain innovation team, the training is structured to inform, improve and make an impact on team performance. Based on the Harvard University book The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators, the course focuses on five key capabilities: Associating, Questioning, Observing, Experimenting and Networking.

Delegates will learn how to use questioning techniques to assist innovation development, how to make keen observations that will enhance problem solving, and make associations to improve the application of an innovation.

Using these skills, the course explains how to generate ideas and how to collaborate with colleagues to implement those ideas. Delegates use a step by step approach to find and develop opportunities for providing solutions, faster and at less cost.

The programme forms part of Costain’s Engineering Tomorrow strategy, the Company’s commitment to identifying, developing and implementing innovative solutions to meet the UK’s national infrastructure needs. The strategy relies on sharing knowledge and applying best practice, not just across the Group, but also to its customers and supply chain partners.

“This course is vital for anyone in Costain and its partners who possess an interest in innovation or who want to learn how to develop their ideas,” said Tim Embley, Costain’s Group Innovation and Knowledge Manager.

Tim added: “Costain really believes in the ‘innovation premium’ and our ability to offer our customers value enhancing solutions to complex problems. But while some people are born innovators, for most of us, innovation is a skill that has to be developed, and that’s where this training programme really hopes to make a difference.”

Delegates are required to attend three day's training, which amounts to approximately 15 hours spread over a six week period. Training programmes are planned for London, Cardiff, Manchester and Aberdeen.

For those that are interested, a tailor-made event can be reserved for your contract. Costain’s partners are also invited to participate. For more information, please click here




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