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New Knowledge Centre Promotes Innovation And Collaboration

21 May 2014

Costain has launched a new Knowledge Centre, a comprehensive web-based information management system that will promote innovation and give Costain’s customers the benefit of the Company’s collective expertise.

The new Knowledge Centre creates a community where innovation can be shared across the Group, giving employees a valuable resource that will drive value for customers, help project teams win more work and create career opportunities.

Information will be available to Costain employees anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. Within minutes, users will be able to type in defined search criteria to get the best response to their knowledge requests. More crucially, the new Knowledge Centre will be a place where project teams can store and share their innovations across the whole Group, which will help bid teams complete their submissions more effectively and allow users to share up-to-date project information.

“Costain’s existing systems contain a wealth of information but we felt this could be shared throughout the Group in a more structured and accessible way, like a communications framework. It will help our project teams connect with each other and benefit from this pool of shared knowledge,” said Jo Dunning, Costain’s Knowledge Manager and the person responsible for overseeing the roll out of the Knowledge Centre.

Future enhancements to the Knowledge Centre will see additional efficiencies added to the system, including a directory to find Costain employees with specific expertise, a forum for peer-to-peer discussions around specific challenges on contracts as well as the ability to allow users to share information on new innovations and best practice.

“Sharing best practice and continuous improvement promotes a culture of learning, while learning from each other is vital to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and measuring our progress as a company. The Knowledge Centre has been constructed with simplicity of use in mind and we very much look forward to seeing its take-up across the business,” said Tim Bowen, Costain’s Corporate Development Director.