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Optimising Asset Management In Airports

22 April 2014

Costain recently exhibited its passenger movement solution, COpath, to the international airport industry at the ‘Passenger Terminal Expo 2014’ in Barcelona.

Costain was exhibiting its capabilities alongside its partners Path Intelligence.  COpath can be used to understand passenger movements and behaviours by using unique technology developed by Path Intelligence. Path’s receiver equipment allows the positions of mobile phones to be detected and from this the movements of the people carrying those phones understood. This provides a huge set of data from which decisions on how an airport is managed can be made. This sort of information can be used to optimise the day to day operations of an airport as well as deliver increased revenue from retail and advertising activities.

The Passenger Terminal Expo sees major airport operators from around the world come together to hear about the latest projects, industry trends and see new technology in action. Exhibiting at the Expo was a great way to showcase to the aviation industry just one of the things Costain is doing to bring innovative, technology led solutions to its customer.

Harvey Jassal, Costain’s Technology Development Manager, who organised Costain’s visit to the exhibition commented: "It was great to be part of such an important industry event and to hear first-hand some of the challenges our customers face. It is clear that better understanding how our major transport assets are used by passengers is key to enable informed decisions to be made to allow these assets to be more effectively operated.”
Costain’s presence at the Expo and its drive to bring technology led solutions to the industry as part of the Engineering Tomorrow strategy, was noted by a number of customers. Ben Wagenaar, Head Technical Innovation Architect at Heathrow Airport, said: “It was really interesting to see Costain at the Expo, bringing these sorts of solutions to the market place. Innovation is fundamental to us addressing the major challenges the whole industry faces. If we are to manage our assets more efficiently we need to better understand how those assets are used."