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Progress Made In Reducing Carbon Footprint

11 June 2014

Costain has again received third party certification from the Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) for reducing its carbon footprint.

The CEMARS standard was awarded by Achilles, a global leader in supplier information management with a specialist service in international greenhouse gas certification, and includes a yearly review to ensure the Company is continuing to meet its reduction goals.

CEMARS said Costain met the requirements of the certification scheme by measuring its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with ISO 14064-1:2006. The Company also demonstrated that it was committed to managing and reducing its emissions in respect of its operational activities in the UK, excluding Joint Ventures.

Costain received its recent certificate for implementing a number of carbon reduction initiatives related to its fleet management:

• A reduction in average emissions (gCo2e/Km) from its fleet with 82% of the fleet now emitting less than 120gCo2e/Km. Group emission reductions due to this improvement are about 79tCo2e for the period 2013.

• The Company reported a 48% increase in conference calling minutes to 1.6 million minutes and an increase in staff car sharing which saved 59tCo2e and £20,000.

• Achieved a 23% reduction in emissions intensity against a 2009 baseline, meaning the Company is well on its way to achieving a 55% reduction by 2020.

As part of Costain Cares, the Company’s strategy to build a long-term responsible business that is more responsive to the needs of its stakeholders, Costain produced a climate change strategy which sets out its approach to climate change related issues.

Within this strategy, Costain set out a number of ambitious targets, including working with customers and its supply chain to provide sustainable solutions that reduce their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; expand the scope of Costain’s Carbon Footprint to include emissions from Joint Ventures and its international operations; and demonstrate a reduction in skip waste per £100,000 turnover in line with 20% by 2015 from 2012 figures.

The Company also plans a number of Emissions Reduction Projects like ensuring carbon visibility at a project level, as well as better communication of best practice with on-site energy management.

“Reducing your carbon footprint is the mark of a responsible business. Costain is committed to working with all our stakeholders, including our customers and supply chain, to protect and, wherever possible, to enhance the environment. Since 2009, we have demonstrated significant improvements in the management of GHG emissions and improvements in our overall performance,” said Damien Canning, Costain’s Carbon Manager.




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