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Simple But Effective

5 February 2016

Record numbers of delegates attended Costain’s fourth annual Behavioural Management Conference on 28 January.

The event has seen delegate numbers grow steadily, with 120 attending this year – a clear indication of the increasing importance being placed on this aspect of safety.

This year’s theme was ‘Keeping it Simple’, with a range of presenters from across industry and academia sharing their expertise on bringing behavioural science to life.

“The key messages focus on the fact that although behavioural science can seem a simple concept, we really need to understand why people behave as they do; what influences their actions and, importantly, the impact that has on the frequency of their future behaviour, for example whether behaviour is increased, decreased or maintained,” said Senior Behavioural Management Consultant, Claire Fryer.

“The science enables us to carry out clear analysis and identify what we can do to influence change. Indeed, when we apply the principles some simple solutions have been introduced that have been creative and extremely effective.”

As demand for training and coaching from Costain’s Behavioural Management Team continues to grow, both within the business and from external clients, almost 50% of this year’s delegates were from external organisations.

Some attending the event at Ardencote Manor House in Claverdon, Warwickshire, came from Costain’s supply chain partners, but others were either clients or external organisations, such as J Browne Construction, that are embedding Costain behavioural management techniques within their companies.

Owner and Director, Jeremy Browne, said: "The CBS programme has made a really positive impact on our business J Browne Construction and on our partners through the JV’s CappaghBrowne and Enisca Browne. It has reached our entire workforce from our board right down to the delivery teams and we think it has given our people the tools to manage and deliver a better and safer service for our customers".

Another external delegate, Mark McHale, Regional Operations Manager at Speedy Services, said: “I really enjoyed the conference. It has sparked my interest in behavioural science and I would love to attend one of the courses available. It has so many implications in not only business, but our personal lives as well.”

The event also attracted several well-known speakers from the behavioural management field, such as chartered psychologist and human factors expert Barry Davies, who has worked in the sector for three decades.

“Costain’s Behavioural Management event continues to grow year-on-year and we’re delighted to have welcomed such a wide-ranging audience to this year’s event,” said Director of Behavioural Management, Alan Cheung,

“Over the last 12 months Costain’s Behavioural Management Team has grown significantly to meet rising demands for training and coaching from across Costain projects and with our external clients.

“We’re in a unique position here at Costain,” said Alan. “We are seasoned practitioners and are able to demonstrate the very positive and practical impacts of applied behavioural science with solid examples and case studies from around the business.

“It was great to be able to share our experiences with delegates and their feedback to us has been highly positive.”

Caption: 120 delegates attended this year’s conference – the largest number ever.


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