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Our approach

Performing responsibly is integral to our success and to the sustainability of our business.

We are committed to delivering contracts and services responsibly and sustainably, ensuring that we meet our client's and society's needs while managing the social and environmental impacts of our business. We recognise that by working with our clients, supply chain partners, employees and other stakeholders we can make a greater contribution to a more sustainable future.

To ensure that our approach is successful and consistent we strive to integrate fully our sustainability principles into every aspect of our business. We believe every employee is responsible for working in a responsible and sustainable way.

Corporate responsibility is integral to our risk management processes. The identification of the positive and negative impact of our operations on society and the environment and the level of influence we have on the wider market, informs our strategy.

Listening to our stakeholders

Our strategy,is informed by and relevant to both our business and the wider community. We achieve this by listening to stakeholders. We have a wide range of stakeholders including clients, joint venture partners, supply chain partners, employees, investors, regulators, Government, community and environmental groups and other interested parties. The views of our stakeholders inform and guide our policies and reporting. We use this wide-ranging consultation as part of our strategic planning.

Key issues

There are a wide range of social, environmental and economic issues that impact our business, either directly or through our supply chain. Through stakeholder engagement and by assessing our impacts and level of influence, we have identified issues that are material to our business. We identify our key issues through:

  • Engaging with stakeholders to understand their needs and priorities
  • Reviewing Government policy developments and changes to relevant laws and regulations
  • Our commitment to industry best practice
  • Monitoring and review our performance
  • Challenging ourselves to continue to improve and to report on our performance in an open and honest way.


Sustainability strategy

Leadership and governance