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Our approach

Performing responsibly is integral to our success and to the sustainability of our business.

We are committed to identifying and addressing the material sustainability issues that affect Costain and our stakeholders.

Our materiality assessment considers a wide range of issues that can be affected by our operations throughout our value chain. Many of these material issues align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and all require Costain to be a responsible business.

Process for identifying material issues
The Costain materiality assessment is aligned to GRI G4 guidelines. Our process involves a continual programme of stakeholder engagement including clients, industry bodies, charities, suppliers, and employees through face-to-face meetings, surveys and desktop studies to understand the issues they currently face and the risks they see in the future.

The intelligence we gathered through our 2019 engagements allowed us to rationalise a list of material issues, the commonly reported issues were ranked in respect of their importance to Costain and our stakeholders. Safety (public and workforce) remains the highest ranked material issue, both with stakeholders and for Costain. Customer experience, business resilience and productivity/efficiency were included in this assessment and reflect a change in how businesses try to enhance value.


Leadership and governance