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Costain providing a safe and reliable water supply

Delivering a safe water supply for nine million customers

Costain is playing a central role in the delivery of the AMP6 five year programme, as part of the eight2O alliance on behalf of Thames Water.

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Thames Water UK

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Costain, Atkins and Black & Veatch [CABV]

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Complex delivery
Asset optimisation

Our focus is on improving and maintaining water quality standards, supply resilience and meeting anticipated demographic shifts. Costain is deploying its full range of integrated capabilities to deliver improved customer service, innovative solutions and achieve significant total expenditure efficiency savings.


Costain engineers at Mogden WwTW
Costain engineers at Thames Water's Mogden WwTW

Costain is a key partner in the eight2O alliance – the team responsible for delivering Thames Water’s Asset Management Period [AMP] programme. With the key objectives of boosting efficiency and lowering costs, Costain is identifying innovative solutions and utilising the latest technologies to help meet a critical national need by increasing capacity, improving customer service and lowering costs for Thames Water’s customers living in London and the Thames Valley. This strong offering is one that involves collaborative team-working, innovation and a diverse and experienced skill set.

eight2O is a revolutionary platform delivering the AMP programme for Thames Water. We have a fantastic team with a diverse skillset, from design to delivery to asset integration. Working on this programme is a fantastic opportunity for us to develop our presence within the water sector and we look forward to further collaboration in the future.

Simon Roberts, Head of CABV JV of eight2O

Thames Connect

eight2O has developed a new tool – ThamesConnect - which shares data from multiple teams across eight2O, Thames Water and the Infrastructure Alliance in one simple display. This enables teams to see where other work is planned or needed, giving them the opportunity to come together and coordinate their work; saving money and reducing disruption to customers, as there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a road dug up once, then dug up soon after by another utility. And importantly, there are also benefits to health and safety and reduced carbon emissions.

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