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Providing gas compression solutions in the UK and internationally

Gas Compression is required for many reasons including extending the lives of ageing gas fields, enabling gas processing, getting gas to market or avoiding emissions. Costain has expertise in supplying compression solutions for these issues.

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Advisory & Concept Development
Technology Innovation
Asset Optimisation & Support
Specialist Design
Complex Project Delivery & Programme Management

E.ON Gas Storage Compression (Holford, UK)

We provided 3 x 8MW Electrically driven High Speed Oil Free Integrated Motor (HOFIM) Compressors and all associated electrical and control equipment as part of the Holford Gas Storage Development in Cheshire, UK. These units compress gas into underground salt caverns where it is stored before until being released to the national transmission system. 

Breagh Field Gas Compression Study (Teesside Gas Processing Plant, UK)

Costain completed a conceptual study to investigate options for onshore compression of gas from the Breagh field to extend its operational life. Our study compared the merits of electrical and gas turbine drive options in terms of life cycle cost, environmental performance and reliability. Our study also assessed the required infrastructure, on-site modifications, impact on the existing processing.

Statoil Flash Gas Compression (Kollsness, Norway)

Costain provided process engineering support and detailed compressor module design services for a 3.6MW electrically driven, variable speed centrifugal compressor. The unit comprised two casings on a common shaft and is used for the recovery of flash gas from a condensate stabilization system.

PEMEX Export Gas Compression (Tabasco, Mexico)

Costain provided conceptual and Front End Engineering Design services as well as detailed engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning services for 3 x 14MW gas turbine driven compressors. These are used to bring gas up to export pressure as part of our supply of the largest Nitrogen Rejection Unit in the world.

Conoco Phillips Sales Gas Compression (Barrow-In-Furness, UK)

Costain provided detailed engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning services for 2 x 8MW gas turbine driven compressors. These units are used to compress up to 145 MMSCFD of sour gas (containing Hydrogen Sulphide and Mercaptans) to allow gas sweetening prior to export. The project employed modular construction techniques to minimize the on-site works and maximize quality.


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