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Providing solutions that fit the shale industry’s needs

We have a rich background of experience which is directly applicable to the needs of the UK’s burgeoning shale industry ranging from gas processing and asset management to support for onshore licensing applications.

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Advisory & Concept Development
Specialist Design
Programme Management
Technology Innovation
Complex Project Delivery

Key Benefits

Improved efficiency

and reduced construction costs on water treatment projects

Supporting client’s shale gas licensing applications

Minimising visual impact of a site in an environmentally sensitive area

Providing gas processing solutions which are responsive to market demand

Water Sector Asset Management Plans

We have delivered AMP5 frameworks for the water sector, delivering water treatment solutions which increase the quality of water supply. As a result of our improvements to design efficiency, reduced construction costs, extensive supply chain links and elimination of waste, we were selected for several long term AMP6 frameworks.

Onshore Shale Gas Licensing Application Support

We provided a conceptual study to support a client’s application for shale gas development in the UK. We assessed the options available for their facility an generated cost estimates for either compressing and conditioning the gas to inject it into the National Transmission System, or generating power from the gas at the well sites. 

Well Site Modifications and Visual Impact Reduction

As part of our delivery of a gas storage solution in Cheshire, UK we provided modification works to the eight associated wellheads and the interconnecting pipework. Throughout the project detailed planning was required on our part to minimize the visual and environmental impact of constructing a gas storage facility in a sensitive area. 

Gas Processing Plant – Teesside

We designed and constructed two 400 MMSCFD gas processing trains in Teesside, UK. This facility is also the only one in the UK which can switch between low (25%) and high (80%) propane recovery to meet market demand.


Robert Pitman

Head of Business Development – Oil & Gas

Tel:  07881090536

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Gerard Shore, Sector Director
0161 910 3444
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