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Technical assurance team at Costain

Cryogenic distillation to produce liquid gas products

AGA Germany commissioned Costain to develop a design for cryogenic distillation to produce liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon.

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AGA Germany

  • Service 1

Consultancy & advisory


Liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon

produced to a very high purity

Low energy consumption

was a key project driver

We used our process engineering expertise to achieve the desired products with low energy consumption and a high level of safety. The technology used was cryogenic distillation and the process incorporated high efficiency machinery, low pressure drop and excellent heat integration.

Costain plants give high recovery of all three products with near total recovery of liquid oxygen and liquid argon. The quantity of liquid nitrogen is a customer choice with the balance of nitrogen produced as gas.

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Rob Phillips, Sector Director
0161 910 3444
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