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Development and Implementation of P3M Control Framework

Our certified MSP® Practitioners and EVM specialists design and implement crucial systems which support our clients in managing their portfolios. We add value by creating more effective client organisations, improving their decision making and performance management capabilities.

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Programme Management

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Ministry of Defence

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Design and implementation of a Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) system based on the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) methodology

Client responsible for a Submarine Operating Centre with 700 staff and budget of circa £2bn per annum

Complex and multifaceted organisation with an extensive network of stakeholders

Significant coaching effort to develop better practices and guide culture change

The Project

As part of the 5 year Submarine Operating Centre (SM OC) Support Partner (SP) contract, we were asked to help design, develop and implement a P3M Control Framework (CF), in line with the principles of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP).

Our Role

The control framework was required to improve decision making and performance management across the SM OC (c700 staff, ~£2B turnover pa) and provide a single source of truth of Management Information for the Executive Board.

We addressed all 7 pillars of P3M, but priority areas for improved control were:

  • Governance
  • Enterprise integrated schedule
  • Risk and assumptions management.

The scope covered interfaces with all management information from project teams covering the in-service submarine fleet, Astute production, and the Successor programme; as well as servicing the information needs of MoD Head Office, Defence Equipment & Support, Navy Command HQ, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Industry.

Our Impact

Our team delivered the following solutions to the SM OC: 

  • We designed a Portfolio, Programme and Project management Control Framework covering optimised organisational design, improved operating procedures, fit for purpose management information tools and high quality information generation. 
  • Our revised governance arrangements and organisation significantly reduced the reporting and attendance overhead for senior managers.   
  • Our portfolio web-based information portal (PICARD) represented a step change in the way that the SM OC manages the immense quantity of data generated each month and the processes by which this data is transformed into decision support information. 
  • We developed an EVM-based assurance process and cycle for the portfolio taking account of individual TLB requirements, to provide SM OC management and other senior stakeholders with reliable, consistent and verified performance information throughout the project lifecycle.
  • We worked closely with individual Programme Teams to create a high level portfolio schedule (the Enterprise Integrated Schedule) to facilitate scenario modelling and decision making on trade-offs between programmes, and to enable strategic decision making on the basis of a unified view of inter-programme dependencies.
  • We developed an SM OC risk management strategy and Portfolio Risk Management Plan that enables a clear mechanism for escalation and delegation of portfolio risk information. 
  • We designed a transition strategy to take SM OC from business as usual to adaptation of the CF with minimal risk to maintaining the outputs of each programme. 


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