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Supporting the delivery of LNG safely and on specification

Costain has been working in the LNG industry for over 40 years and have delivered projects solving various LNG import issues through from conceptual studies to full EPCm projects.

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Consultancy & advisory
Asset optimisation

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Nitrogen injection
Propane injection
LPG extraction

N2 ballasting

Costain provided a Pre-FEED assessment of a nitrogen ballasting system to keep natural gas within the UK grid specification. We made selections for liquid nitrogen storage tanks, pumps, vaporizers and natural gas metering. Additionally we performed safety and environmental assessments as well as generating a preliminary cost estimate and project schedule.

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LPG extraction from LNG

Costain completed a concept study to select the most economical method of extracting LPG from LNG at an LNG import terminal in order to bring rich LNG into the UK grid specifications. We assessed extraction technologies and LPG storage options to recommend a single technology to be progressed. Our solution used the novel approach of utilising low grade heat from an adjacent refinery to save on capital and infrastructure costs.

Isle of Grain propane injection

Costain conducted a process study to identify an optimal propane injection system based on flexibility, simplicity, ease of installation, project schedule and cost. Our solution utilised existing propane storage vessels to lower capital cost while offering pumps which offer high turndown for a low cost and, crucially for the client, the shortest possible project schedule.

Floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) development

Costain completed a conceptual design for the topsides and utilities for a 1500 MMSCFD FSRU. Our role was to evaluate an LNG vapourisation technology, accounting for permit restrictions, specific offshore factors as well as safety & environmental considerations. We worked with Heriot Watt University to develop a physical test model to assess how performance changes with vessel motion.

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