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Utilising Depleted Onshore Gas fields for UK Gas Storage

We worked collaboratively with WINGAS to provide a design for their prospective gas storage facility at the Saltfleetby field in the Humber basin, UK.

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Advisory & Concept Development
Specialist design

The Saltfleetby gas field in the South Humber Basin is the largest onshore gas field in the UK. As part of the end of life planning for this field, the operator, WINGAS, wanted to explore the possibility of converting the field into an underground gas storage facility. Costain was engaged by WINGAS to carry out a conceptual study and Front End Engineering Design for the proposed facility while they sought regulatory approval for the project.

Our proposal was for gas to be injected from the NTS (national transmission system) during periods of low demand then withdrawn, treated and returned to the NTS during high demand. Our proposed facility included two compressors, hydrocarbon and water dewpointing units, condensate handling and processing facilities, water storage tanks and metering systems as well as all associated buildings and pipework.


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