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Consultancy at Costain

NGL recovery from natural gas in Norway

Natural gas from the North Sea, containing significant quantities of natural gas liquids (NGL), is processed onshore at the Kårstø terminal. Costain developed a solution from concept stage to FEED to separate out the propane, n-butane, i-butane and gasoline products.

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  • Service 1

Consultancy & advisory



recovery of the feed propane


feed gas to be processed

Low capital cost

to maximise business returns

Costain carried out the following activities in order to the develop the design through a phase I and phase II study to FEED:

  • Optimisation of flow schemes
  • Design of new NGL fractionation train
  • Evaluation of a revamp of the Statpipe Fractionation train to process NGL
  • Calculation of utilities consumption
  • Production of a cost estimate (+/- 15%) for equipment items
  • Evaluation of various gas turbine heat recovery options
  • Preparation of a layout
  • Preparation of a project plan

The study was carried out in competition with another EPC contractor and after evaluation by Statoil of both reports, the conclusion was to proceed in the FEED stage with Costain’s process.




Image courtesy of Øyvind Hagen / Statoil

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