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Costain advisors and consultants

Sulphur recovery for refinery project

Costain was awarded a contract to undertake a conceptual design study for a process to carry out sweetening and sulphur recovery from acid gas.

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Aker Maritime

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Consultancy & advisory


1900 MMSCFD natural gas

to be sweetened

Technology selection

to identify the most economical process

Costain sourced the appropriate technology for the initial sweetening process and sulphur recovery from the acid gas product. Technology was included for conditioning the acid gas suitable for a Claus Sulphur Recovery Process.  This required reviewing a number of processing options, as the acid gas produced from a single sweetening step contained too much carbon dioxide for simple Claus combustion.  Sulphur Forming Technology was also included.

Once the basic process had been evaluated, Costain produced sufficient information to develop preliminary capital and operating costs, to help establish the overall project economics

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