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At Costain we believe one of the most practical options to achieve clean energy growth is hydrogen. We are supporting clients, industrial clusters and key stakeholders with their strategic intentions around hydrogen to move us rapidly towards a decarbonised economy.

Hydrogen_oil and gas map

We are technical advisers on the processes, systems and technologies that will enable the widespread adoption of hydrogen during the transition to a zero-carbon energy system. Our experts support business case development as well as the design, implementation and operation of associated infrastructure and network upgrades and carbon capture and storage requirements.

Our unique blend of expertise means we are well placed to help tackle this challenge, including:

  • In-depth knowledge of the gas transmission and distribution networks and gas compression
  • Leading edge capability in design and build, technology selection and optimisation for large-scale gas processing and separation facilities including hydrogen separation in petrochemical, refinery and ammonia production applications
  • A track record of executing innovative feasibility and concept design work
  • A safety culture and in-depth experience of ensuring safe operation of hydrogen facilities
  • Deep understanding of carbon capture and storage, including intellectual property to reduce the cost of carbon capture from hydrogen.

To achieve the huge infrastructure changes that are required to meet our climate change targets, action is needed right now. We are deployment ready, with access to an established supply chain and the skills and resources to make hydrogen a reality.



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