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Rapid response

To support the fight against COVID-19 we are adapting our existing capability to support clients and the UK government departments on the frontline.

Emergency site set up

We have the skills and resources to rapidly mobilise a team to develop and erect site compounds quickly providing temporary solutions for healthcare such as quarantined-zones, information call centres and resource stores.

Rapid mobilisation of logistics supply chain

We have the resources, skills and supply chains in place to enable the continued distribution and logistical support required on the ground.

Equipment manufacturing

With a dedicated manufacturing facility near Bristol, we can repurpose equipment and machinery for critical items including ventilator components and heat sensing technology.

Digital enablement of operational teams

Through our digital capability we can provide support services including the establishment and management of operational centres, service centre management, call handling, IT provisions for home working and virtual training programmes to up-skill core workforce.

Digital technology advice, products and integration

Our digital solutions team can adapt our various digital technology solutions and products to support the UK’s response to COVID-19 such as:

  • Thermal camera technology for discreet detection of people with elevated body temperatures in high volume areas such as airports, lobbies, medical waiting rooms
  • Ability to coordinate multiple cameras remotely to help monitor and manage social distancing to mitigate the spread for COVID-19 now and in the future
  • GIS mapping tools and experts for multiple applications including tracking of outbreaks and potential impacts on infrastructure.