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Costain Defence


Costain is improving people’s lives by helping our clients to deliver and support national strategic defence and security needs.

The first duty of government is to defend our country and to keep our people safe. In the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review, the Government set out plans for stronger defence with more ships, more aircraft, more troops at readiness, better equipment for special forces and enhanced cyber security. In order to deliver these plans, the UK’s resources must be as operationally efficient and effective as possible.

What might this mean?

  • Providing value for money to the taxpayer by delivering on time, within budget and to high quality standards
  • Identifying the right advice on procurement, contracting, stakeholder engagement and buildability
  • Taking a whole life view of capability, providing solutions from programme conception to optimising in service assets
  • Adapting at pace where technology advances faster than procurement
  • Harnessing the best research and development, both military and civil.

How Costain can help?

We leverage 150 years of delivering complex programmes, our leading-edge digital technology teams and P3M expertise to help clients transform performance of equipment and infrastructure projects and delivery teams.

What we offer

  • Assured deliverability: Our consultancy advice is always grounded in the understanding of consequences and deliverability gained from 150 years of delivering complex programmes. Experience of being contractor side and carrying risk means we ask the right questions that keeps things on the right track, providing assurance, efficiency and right first-time results.

  • Digital distinction: We have a proven track record in pan-domain information management and in developing, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, integrating, operating and supporting digital technology solutions within new and mature operating environments across other highly regulated and competitive sectors.

  • Rapid mobilisation: Due to our experience illustrated above, we are deployment ready with access to an established supply chain and the skills and resources. We are well known for our ability to engage and mobilise teams within challenging timeframes.

  • Competitive pricing and innovative commercial models: Our integrated service delivery of complex programme management, advisory and technology solutions means our commercial models are highly competitive.

  • Behavioural management expertise: We build our understanding of behaviours into everything we do, enabling people to step back and invest in thinking differently, behaving appropriately and evolving to meet changing needs of stakeholders and situations.

  • Diversity of thought and ability to innovate: We ask, listen and leverage the Group’s broad range of experts, innovative thinkers in our research & development teams as well as R&D collaborations with industry partners and institutions in the relentless pursuit of continuous improvement and making innovation in infrastructure happen.

Specialist services

Transformational portfolio, programme and project management (P3M) including training and coaching

We work alongside our customers to help them save money, reduce complexity and provide certainty to achieve the delivery of successful projects, programmes or large portfolios. Our own culture, governance, systems and processes are robustly built from our years as a contractor on major programmes so we can help clients build theirs to be similarly resilient and efficient.

Our strategic advice supports teams and leaders throughout the implementation of sustainable change and improvements to major schemes through applied P3M training and coaching. 

Digitisation: Technology development, integration, security and support

Our in-house digital technology team design, rapidly prototype, manufacture, integrate and support bespoke electronics, high integrity software and systems, as well as help clients navigate from legacy to new secure, open systems.

Equipment and delivery optimisation

We help clients reduce obsolescence through collaborative planning; engineering assurance to ensure the equipment fulfils the design intent; establishing new, digitally optimised maintenance programmes and enhancing supply chain capability.

Asset optimisation and security

We optimise the performance and security of individual assets or entire networks of assets at any point in the lifecycle. We transform infrastructure intelligence through the development and integration of leading-edge digital technology solutions built on our deep domain knowledge and client insight.



Cameron Tonkin
Sector Director
0121 389 9300
[email protected]

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