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Energy networks and storage

Costain plays a significant role in safely delivering the energy infrastructure that will satisfy the UK’s future needs.

The demand for new power generation and transmission assets continues to increase. We need to replace ageing power stations and grid networks, and prepare for an increase in electricity demand over future decades. We must also ensure that we have a safe and flexible gas network, capable of providing the heat and energy that our economy needs.

What might this mean?

  • New capital investments including flexible small-scale gas generation, renewables and new nuclear generation
  • Investing in making existing power stations cleaner
  • Upgrading and expanding transmission and distribution infrastructure – creating more flexibility.

The Costain solution

We bring an asset lifecycle perspective to energy infrastructure projects (ideal for a RIIO environment - a performance-based model introduced by Ofgem to set price controls to ensure consumers pay a fair price for this investment) supported by seamless transitions between project phases, and shortened lead times and outages.

Our power sector team offers

  • ‘Right first time’ projects that minimise downtime, delivered safely and sustainably   
  • Innovative solutions, suppliers and processes to meet regulatory or economic challenges
  • Flexible solutions and forms of contract that allow operations to change with the market 
  • System integration and optimisation (e.g. Building Information Modelling [BIM], programme management)
  • Collaboration leader and facilitator for large-scale, long-term solutions
  • Partner for life – asset management, construction, operations & maintenance and decommissioning and disposal at the end of an asset’s life
  • Depth of talent to deliver what customers need 
  • A commitment to bring new talent into the energy industry, via graduate programmes and apprenticeships – including offering job share opportunities to fast track experience for customer and Costain people.


Specialist services

Thermal power generation and decommissioning

Strong expertise and experience in thermal power generation, backed by a flexible approach and strong site relationships.

  • Operations and maintenance: asset support and 24/7 plant operations
  • Asset integrity: improvements and engineering projects
  • Engineering delivery: intelligent asset management and renewal design, delivery and outage management
  • Facilities management (FM): accountable and service-focused contract management and FM services that reduce costs by bundling delivery
  • Repair and maintenance: electrostatic precipitators
  • Materials handling expertise and optimisation
  • Plant decommissioning through every stage of the complex end of life, decommissioning, demolition and remediation process of power plants
  • Innovative approach that can fully utilise our and collaborative partners strengths and capabilities to the benefit of our customers.

Transmission and distribution

Transmission and distribution specialists, with strong experience with clients, regulators and in supply chain delivery.

  • Distribution FEED studies 
  • Consulting: for protection, commissioning and asset management
  • Overhead lines, cables and substation development, construction and commissioning capability
  • Expert strategic partners and joint venture’s designed and optimised for the RIIO environment.

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Renewables and sustainability

Unique intellectual property for renewables and sustainability solutions and a demonstrable intelligent approach. 

  • Consulting: suitable location and design for new renewable projects
  • Programme management and project evaluation
  • Operations and maintenance: including asset management advice and optimisation
  • Innovative solutions: managing a ‘Virtual Power Station’ via our COdemand venture (demand side management), energy optimisation technology, energy storage, Gravitas installations, wave and tidal technology partners.

Industrial cooling

A flexible approach to industrial cooling, backed by strong customer relationships.

  • Operations and maintenance: asset support and service contracts, inspection, maintenance and legislation-driven cleans.

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