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Our project experience and knowledge of gas processing and compression has enabled us to take up a prominent position in the UK’s gas storage markets. Our solutions provide the operational flexibility and availability to meet gas demand while maximising economic benefits and meeting strict environmental guidelines.

Our work with European utility majors on underground gas storage in depleted fields and salt strata gives us the expertise to appraise, select and deliver gas storage solutions which maximise operational performance and reduce expenditure.  

  • We have assisted customers with evaluation of energy storage technologies and development of conceptual designs. 
  • We have played a leading role in the design and construction of above ground installations for underground gas storage projects in the UK.
  • We use our expertise and experience within transport and energy infrastructure to assess how vehicle-to-grid schemes can provide environmental, economic and social benefits.
  • Our extensive experience in turbo machinery engineering and UK market-leading position in salt cavity gas storage give us a wealth of knowledge to draw on for compressed air energy storage schemes.
  • We have used our world-leading expertise in cryogenic gas processing design and construction to provide consultancy in liquid air energy storage

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